Solusi IT Training:

  • Network & Security Training (Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, MikroTik, Linux, and Ethical Hacker)
  • Software Development Training (Database, Application, WebMaster, Design, IT Management)

Solusi Engineering Training:

  • General Education (Basic Corrosion, Corrosion Control in the Refining Industry,
  • Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPC) in Industrial Water).
  • Coatings (Coating Inspector Program/CIP,Protective Coating Specialist).
  • Cathodic Protection (Tester, Technician, Technologist, Specialist, Coatings in Conjuction with Cathodic Protection).
  • Corrosion Assessment (Offshore Corrosion Assessment Training/O-CAT, Shipboard Corrosion Assessment Training/S-CAT).
  • Pipelines (Internal Corrosion for Pipelines,Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management Program).
  • Boiler Assesment & Inspection
  • Kalibrasi (Massa, Suhu, Tekanan, Gaya, Volumetrik, Instrumentasi)
  • Inspection Training / Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Use and Maintenance Civil Equipment

Basic HSE Training

  • Safety Training: Occupational Health & Safety Foundation, Sistem Manajemen K3, Work Permit, Job Safety Analysis & Risk Management, Confined Space, Working at Height, Fire Safety, Office Ergonomic, Industrial Hygiene, PPE, Observation, Vehicle Safety, Accident Investigation, Inspection & Audit, Emergency & Evacuation, HSE Supervisory, Waste Management, Hazard Communication
  • Job Safety Analysis & Risk Assessment Training: Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Risk Management, Risk Assessment
  • Behaviour Based Safety: Priciples of Behavioral Safety, Behavioral Analysis, Development of Critical Behavioral Checklist, Observation Methodology, Communication Skills, Coaching Skills, Statistical Analysis of Observation Data, Behavior-based Safety Process Implementation Models
  • Contractor Safety Management System: Safety Management System, Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS)
  • Accident – Incident Investigation: Goverment Safety Regulations of Accident Reporting and Investigation, Investigation Pre-Planning, Team Selection and Investigation Tools, Supporting Data Collections, Interview Techniques, Analysis of Damaged Parts and Accident Reconstrution, Using of SCAT Chart, Human Factors in Accident Investigation
  • Professional Defensive Driving Course (DDC) for Passenger Car: DDC Basic, Driving, Condition Provocation, Tire Safety, Driving for Life, Comentary Driving Group 
  • Professional Defensive Driving Course (DDC) for Truck: DDC Truck Basic, Defensive Driving Strategy, Ethical Code, Tire Safety
  • Office Ergonomy: Ergonomy Basic, Office Ergonomics Guiding Design, Office Ergonomics Assessment Tools


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